I was pleasantly surprised with the massage I received. Once I was on the table and the massage began all my cares melted away. The level of detail and experience of the therapist was astounding.

Kristen Applegate, Fort Lauderdale

Who would guess the best massage was from an outcall service? I get massages all over the world and Therapeutic Touch Massage is number one on my list.

Rick Knight, New York

We have been using Therapeutic Touch Massage for many years now. The therapists really know there stuff. We have tried other massage agencies but keep going back to Therapeutic Touch Massage. Need I say more!

Craig Armstrong, Lighthouse Point

I was getting ready to see a health care professional for my hip when I decided to get a massage first. Boy am I glad I did. Judy released the muscle in my hip and I was able to walk around pain free. Thank you Therapeutic Touch Massage.

Joni Gibson, Fort Lauderdale

Best massage ever! The therapists intuitive nature is amazing. And they came to me!

Sandra Birnbaum, Parkland

I routinely receive massage where I live in California. When I travel to Fort Lauderdale I call Therapeutic Touch Massage to book my massage. I would like to relocate the therapists to my home town if I could, they are that good.

David Jones, California

When we are unable to provide a massage in house we like to call Therapeutic Touch Massage. Our guests are always pleased with the massage they receive.

The staff @Marriott Harbour Beach, Fort Lauderdale

We like to get couples massages when we are on vacation. We called on a whim and presto they were here within an hour. Talk about convenient! I must say we received some of the best massages from Therapeutic Touch Massage

Pamela Calahan, Colorado

I'm a massage therapist myself and local business owner for over 10 yrs and I've been using Therapeutic Touch Massage for over 7 years now. I'm very pleased with the therapists, professionalism, and specialized techniques that they offer. I love the fact that I can call after I'm done work in the office and get a therapist within an hour to my location and I don't have to drive home after getting my treatment. I have referred many friends and clients to Therapeutic Touch and would highly recommend that anyone local or visiting from out of town give them a call and book a massage.

Jeanne Grosso, LMT, Aesthetician, Fort Lauderdale